Syrian Airlines Establishment has a training center in Damascus International Airport This center consists of number of training halls(rooms) and a theater which takes in 150 persons in addition to highly qualified swimming pool and a practical evacuation apparatus on land through the wings and another on water . Our training center has the latest technological training devices such as projectors , explaining aids, computers and all the things training needs.

This training center has an area of 6000 square meters .It also has a group of administrators and specialized engineers in addition to a crew of high qualified trainers . This makes the center the most developed and cope with the latest development in the field of aviation and related jobs . The courses are the latest in aviation science and they are developed continuously.

Syrian Arab Airlines Establishment has three other training centers in Latakia, Aleppo and Derezzor airports.

The center has recently been accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority to perform all courses including training for hosts and hostesses.

The trainees are granted licenses (certificates) that enable them to join the work in the field of aviation according to the requirement of the international aviation authorities.

Furthermore, the center holds training courses for other airlines working in Syria and for tourist & travel offices, shipment companies and grant them the required licenses.

Our Training center focuses on performing safety and security courses as well as Self -protection courses for the persons working in the Syrian Arab Airlines and for other companies, for example:

  • Dangerous materials.
  • First-aids.
  • Saving.
  • Fire-fighting.

The focusing on the human resources in our establishment and performing on going makes our employees professional and well-qualified believing that the knowledge is the only way to achieve safety.

Safety & Security are permanent qualities to our establishment.

Moreover we offer the best services for passengers from booking to arrival and departure.