Your Safety comes first at Syrian Air all the way to your destination, and it is the cornerstone of all our operations.

We at Syrian Air are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest level of safety by insuring the standards required by regulations and legislation are exceeded whenever and wherever possible throughout our company.

Travel safely from door to door during COVID-19

You can feel confident about your well-being when you fly with us through our enhanced safety and disinfection measures adopted in coordination with national and international instructions and recommendations, and aimed at managing health risks to air travelers, workers and the general public, protecting all groups from COVID-19 and enabling the recovery from the current pandemic.

These measures are designed to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission between and among different operational groups, passengers and the general public through:

  • All Syrian aircraft are subject to precautionary measures, including extensive and comprehensive cleaning and sanitization of passengers compartments.
  • Cleaning and in-depth disinfection procedures as well as health measures are applied in place within all areas on the terminal building, airport information desks, check-in areas, boarding areas, and all Syrian Air directorates and offices.
  • On board Syrian Air, all flight and cabin crew wear protective gloves and face masks; social distancing is maintained at all times.