1. Shipping the body of a Syrian citizen who dies abroad

Under the Decree No. 5266/11/4 issued on 12/09/2002, The Late of Syrian citizen is shipped from abroad to Syria for free if the following conditions are met:
a.The death occurred due to natural causes or an attack not related to any terrorist activities.
b. The presentation of a document at the embassy identifying that he/she is a Syrian citizen.
c. The companions of the body book and reserve their tickets exclusively on Syrian Air and on their own expenses.
d. This decree comes into action as of 04/09/2002.
Shipping of a body requires a death certificate, cause of death, a medical certificate signed by two doctors from the Ministry of Health.

2. Forbidden items

a – Decree No. 16/7/19/4 issued on 26/06/2001, forbids the shipping of any weapons, ammunition or dangerous items to Saudi Arabia without prior permission.
b – Decree No. 3486/19/4 issued on 10/10/1999, forbids the shipping of any livestock to Saudi Arabia
c – Weapons – Ammunitions – Explosives are subject to permission by Ministry of Interior.
d – Shipments to Kuwait – Jordan – Saudi Arabia are only permitted via Damascus by air only.
e – Shipments of Israeli origin or those heading to Israel even if it were only “Transiting” are forbidden.
f – Live Animals: require a medical certificate beforehand and an examination upon arrival.
j – Plants and related products: require a medical certificate beforehand.
h – Medical Supplies (Opium, “Khashnamash”, Morphine, Cocaine): requires an import license from the Ministry of Health.
i-  Chemical and Pharmaceutical products require an import license if the value exceeds 250000 Syrian Pounds.

3. Cargo Acceptance Procedures on Syrian Air

a – Goods in appropriate packaging.
b – Approval from customs after inspecting the shipment, for which the approval is issued prior to the issuance of the Air Waybill.
c – Live Animals requires a medical license in addition to an appropriate strong cage with enough food and water if its export is permitted to the required destination.
d – Normal cargo and personal luggage: these require good appropriate packaging + customs inspection note – invoice for new items, customs.
e – declaration if required.

4. Shipper Rights

a – Request for the issuance of a shipping document (Air Waybill).
b – Changing the name of the consignee before receiving the shipment.
c – Changing the payment method before receiving the shipment.
d – Request insurance on the shipment using a third party insurance company.
e – Changing the Description of the Goods on the shipping document (Air Waybill) in such a way that does not contradict with  customs
f – inspection.
g – Changing the final destination after paying the financial differences and amending all the copies of the Air Waybill.
h – Being informed of the arrival date at the country of destination.
i – The provision of all identifying shipping documents and their retrieval from the country of destination on the customer’s expense.
j- Modifying the Declared values is not allowed.

Syria Air has a fleet of Illusion 76 aircraft that are available for lease. If you are interested in renting any of those aircraft, please contact the Head of the Cargo Office on Tel: 44671051, Fax: 44671053.
For the issuance of policies, please contact the Head of the Cargo Sales Office on Tel: 2386389.