The Syrian Arab Airline is the messenger of Syria to the countries of the world, where the grace of the ascension has begun to be called to its splendor, to be the diamond in the sky. The sun of Syria reflects golden rays in all the corners of the world to say the cradle of civilization came to us. , And to the whole flag transported on wings of a Syrian bird
. . . . Syrian Arab Airlines.

- Syrian Arab was established in autumn 1946, with two propellers and started to fly between Damascus Aleppo and Der Alzour Kamishli the airline expanded during the fifties to include Beirut, Baghdad, and Jerusalem, then Cairo and Kuwait then Doha , in addition to flights during hajj.

In 1952 the airline was provided with three aircrafts Dakota type DC3 and in 1954 with four aircrafts CC4,and in 1957 four aircrafts DC6 in the name of United Arab Airline.

- In 1963- 1964 two more aircraft were enforced with jet super caravel to expand in the Arabic and international routes to Athens –Munich –Rome-Paris-London towards the west and east Zahran –Sharja-Dubai-Tehran –Nicosia-and stopped all thw old Dakota DC4.

- The institute joins the Arab union aviation since it was established in 1965 then joined in 1967 IATA and used to attend all the meeting and conferences.
- In 1971 two more super caravel were enforced so can expand new routes towards Jeddah ,Abodhabi ,Benghazi, Budapest, Moscow ,in 1947 the institute expanded in opening new routes to Sofia, Copenhagen , Tripoli , Tunis , Algiers , Cassblanca , Sanaa , the airliner did change its name from company to institute in 11/11/1975.

- In 1975 all DC6 were withdrawn from operating any route, and the whole navy operating with jet planes , then a Boeing 727 were leased from British companies till mid 1976 , three brand new aircrafts were delivered 727 , and two 747.
- In the second period of the seventies started to expand new route towards Bucharest , Istanbul, and Mumbia, Bahrain .
in the eighties the did buy thee more aircrafts TU154 and increased the mentioned flights earlier and new routes to Frankfurt and Riyadh.
In the first part of the nineties three more Boeing 727 wer bought start new routes to Madrid , Stockholm instead of Copenhagen and Khartoum , Muscat and Amsterdam, and increased the frequency of the flights and promotes casual flights during hajj and omra.
With year 2000 and during the period between 2000-2005 new routes also to Brucsels, Vienna, Milan-Barcelona, Manchester, and the Copenhagen route was back in operation.
Some of the stations were closed out because it was non profitable like Prague ,Budapest, Sofia, Muscat.
The Syrian Airlines always used to race towards technology at home obtaining the latest reservation system in 1981 from manual reservation to Gabriel automated reservation system.
And in what's been done during the year 1979-1980 is building the infrastructure for computerized system in and the country.
So that was a turning point for the institute it's development and entering new area in different programs, like the manual search for the lost and found , the system is called ( back track) in 1982 and it followed another system called ( load star) for automated departure , and also for weight and followed by another system in 1985 called ( Bahamas) for managing passengers lost reservation , and timatec for hotel reservation system once more . and its departure system in 1988-1989
Also moved to another new system for lost and found called ( world tracer) in 1989 stared implementing total distribution system for travel agents under the umbrella of Arab union aviation , and started to invest in Syria in august 1994 , also the institute implemented pricing in 1990 and the automated system for printing tickets in June 1992.
The unique movement of the company was when they bought the huge central computer in 1996.
In addition to a lot of computerized programs in different area of the ( company) , filling , salaries, internet , intranet , human resources.
The airline expanded horizontally and vertically , it did increase some station according to its demand , so it reaches a number more then 44stations in Asia , Europe, and Africa.
Syrian airlines considered Aleppo the second Syrian window for the world, so it launched a new international , for Syrian and other airlines to fly all destinations since early fifties , where Regular international flights took place to Beirut mosel Amman Kuwait , Alexandria , during 1958-1959.

A passenger terminal has been built to absorb the period of the currant economic flourish that Syria have reached , and now weekly flights eparting from Aleppo airport is 85 , 24 those flights continue towards Europe .

The airline opened offices all over the country to offer its services to the public.
A center in Daraa was opened in 6/11/1992 and in Homs 6/11/2001 in Hama 8/3/1989 and a branch in Aleppo in 1958 in baron street .
But we did have a small office in Ramsis Hotel since 1948 , currently a new office been built in Baghdad station, another branch in Der Alzour and Kamshli in 1952 .

A new center in Tartous 16/11/2002 instead of the old office since 1986 and Lattakia center 1/1/1980 . Swida center 8/3/1991 , and in 2004 Edleb office was opened .

Syrian Arab Airline Transfer all pilgrims from most cities within Syria to Jeddah , and from most European cities and from North Africa this year 2005 pilgrims were transferred to Madina for first time .

Syrian Arab Airline considers many companies under one institute
Provide ground movement , equipment for all planes for Arabic and foreign airlines working in the country and flights of Syrian airline and in all domestic airport , and for this it has a big navy of the latest equipment for ground aviation service , it serve more than 35 international airline in Damascus , and 14 in Aleppo .

The institute owns a huge navy to service crew , engineers , hosts and all coworkers in the institute .
The airline provides luxury transportation for pilgrims to and from all cities , and transfer tourist groups as needed .
The airline has its own catering facilities built in 1979 , and has been renewed recently , it provides more than a million meal annually , and the catering company is open for investors .

In the martyr Basel Alassad Airport the policy of open sky is in force since 1999 , the airport can accommodate large aircrafts from all over the world to invigorate the tourist and economic movement in Syria , in the year 2005 Kamishli Airport took the same policy of ( open sky ) .

The airline connect the Syrian cities with reqular daily internal flights , it transfer between 900.000 to 1.000.000 passenger on its international flights also it service more than five thousand foreign airline that lands in Syria , and more than three thousand Syrian flights , in the year 2004 more than 1.200.000 passenger .

Syrian Arab Airline has a very good training center , where can perform its necessary training to the staff in different branches , a third training center is underway for hosts and others , three more centers been built through out the cities . In ( Aleppo , Lattakia and Deir Alzour )

In order to develop its service and to be close to the customers
A customer service department in Damascus airport to provide the best service when you arrive and when depart .
A new department to promote tourism been established connected with commercial management , in order to increase tourist groups with the cooperation with the tourist offices in Syria .

Frequent flyer program were implemented by giving them special tickets to encourage them to stay loyal to the company . in 2005 all the needs for air investor certificate been prepared except ground operation department , this been achieved for the first time .

The airline carries on its march by choosing the best staff , two main objectives
To maintain its old logo ( Syrian Airline mean safety ).
Excellent customer service .

The new projects are very ambitious which conclude
Provide the company with latest aircrafts .
Building two centers for the institute management in Damascus city and in the airport to be a significant landmark in Syria .
Building new catering kitchen for the company .
Building new training centers under internathonal standard .
Develop and renew sales outlets in and out the country .
Constant investment in human resources , and condense training programs for the employees to keep up with the latest development to give out the best services .
Since the airline was found in the mid forties form the past century it was a messenger to Syria to the world , and started its journey to rise and rise to be the diamond in the sky , and reflect the Syrian sun a golden ray all over the world , to say froom the cradle of civilization here we come , a new city was born , and to the whole world been carried on Syrian wings ( Syrian Arab Airline ).