Syrian Airlines explains to the passengers the procedures for handling reserved tickets during the period of suspension of flights.

In light of the cancellation of regular and additional flights coming and leaving through Damascus International Airport, starting from 10/6/2022 and until new operating dates are announced.
We renew our apologies to all travelers and state that tickets issued inside and outside the country (individuals, groups) and booked on the above canceled flights are processed as follows:

  • Reservations are accepted in the same price class without collecting any price difference, depending on the possibility of booking available on flights scheduled after the date of the restart announcement.
  • It is allowed to return the #financial value in cash, and regardless of the restriction cases by preventing the return of the value, if any, and for tickets used of one segment, the value of the second segment is returned on the canceled flights above according to the price value listed in the reservation system and regardless of the principle of refunding the value according to the mechanism followed ( deduct the OW price from the RT price).
  • It is exempted from the applicable service charges (change of reservation, failure to travel, refund of value).
    Compensating the cost of the (negative) PCR examination for passengers who did not notify the cancellation of flights within the time periods specified for conducting the examination for the country of destination, after submitting the necessary documents in the right manner.
    The necessity for tourism and travel offices to inform the travelers who have follow-up flights (transit) about the current situation and to provide all facilities.

❇️ For any inquiries, contact the Syrian Airlines offices.

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