The UAE cancels the requirement for a return permit for those coming from Syria

The Directorate of Commercial Affairs and Marketing of Syrian Airlines issued a circular on 9/7/2021 to the heads of branches, internal centers, sales offices, tourism and travel in Damascus, stating that there is no need for passengers traveling from Syria to the UAE to obtain prior approval for return from the Identity and Nationality Authority (GDRFA) in the UAE, based on a letter received from the commercial representative in the UAE on 6/9/2021.

This procedure comes two months after the issuance of a previous circular by Syrian Airlines on 7/8/2021, in which it stressed that no reservation was made or any ticket issued from Damascus to the Emirates without a copy of the traveler’s return permit, as she confirmed in its circular. Passengers residing and departing to the UAE must bring a copy of the return permit, to be checked at Damascus International Airport before departure.

It is noteworthy that the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority had previously issued instructions related to safety procedures for the emerging corona virus and safe travel to the UAE, and at that time required passengers with residency to obtain a return permit for a resident outside the country.


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